Take the Stress Out of Teaching Your Kids Dental Hygiene

May 18, 2020

Being a parent is tough. It’s impossible to know what each day is going to bring. One challenge for many parents is helping little kids build good dental habits. Flossing and brushing are not as simple as they seem with a wiggly toddler.

Here’s the good news: Your hard work in helping your kids build good habits will benefit them for their whole lives.  And their dental hygiene habits matter more than you might think! Good hygiene refers to the habits we form and keep in order to stay healthy, like washing hands, taking showers, and brushing teeth. Here are a few ways to make teaching dental hygiene easier for you, and more fun for them!


Lead by example

Kids copy what they see, and they’re watching you!  They will likely mirror your actions and habits as they are making their own.  If they see you cheerfully brushing and flossing morning and night, they’ll follow your lead.


Make them the/a hero

Telling a story is a great way to teach your child dental hygiene.  You might feel silly, but singing a song or telling a dramatic story makes dental hygiene more exciting.


Use a tooth-friendly diet

The food in your child’s diet is a huge factor in their tooth-health. Try teaching them how a balanced diet with fruits and veggies helps them keep a healthy smile. And, including calcium rich foods in their meals will get them off to a great start.


Consider a child dentist

Child dentists take special care to make their patients comfortable and at ease.  Having a pediatric dentist for your child can make dentist visits fun and even exciting, and help teach them good dental habits.


Using these tips can help you take the battle out of brushing and flossing.  And remember, consistency is key.  You’ve got this!