Protect Your Child’s Skin From the Hot Florida Sun

June 19, 2020

Your child probably loves playing outside, but being in the hot Florida sun can lead to skin damage. Even if they aren’t outside for long time, damage from sun rays can build up over time. Keep these tips in mind to keep sunburns out of the picture.

Get in the shade.
Blocking the sun doesn’t have to mean going inside. Try setting up an umbrella or having playtime under a tree.

Dress for sun.
Try dressing your child in a thin, long sleeve shirt and a hat that shades their face and neck. Even simple habits can save them a sunburn.

Pause the fun for sunscreen.
Sunscreen is a great solution that doesn’t get in the way of your kids’ play time. The CDC says you should use at least SPF 15. Apply plenty of sunscreen before your child goes outside, every two hours, and after swimming or drying off. Be careful not to forget their faces, ears, the back of their neck, and the tops of their hands and feet.

Vivida Health has you covered.
With your Vivida Health plan, you have $25 dollars a month to buy products from the pharmacy that will help keep your family healthy and having fun. Items include sunscreen, first aid kits, mosquito repellent, calamine lotion, and more.

Use these tips to protect your child from the sun. If you need to get some sun blocking gear, we have you covered. Check out the full list of Vivida Health’s OTC covered products here:


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