33 Kid-approved Activities to Fight Boredom Indoors

abril 6, 2020

Doing your part to flatten the curve? Try these fun ideas with your family

If you’re doing your part to flatten the coronavirus curve, then you and your family are spending more time at home. We understand that staying indoors can be a challenge and you’ve probably heard “I’m bored” a bunch of times. But being stuck inside doesn’t mean you have to go stir-crazy with boredom. Check out these ideas to help fill your family time with safe, fun, and educational activities:

  • Learn a new dance move.
  • Write a song and perform it for your family.
  • Have a karaoke night.
    Have a karaoke night
  • Use household materials to make and play instruments.
  • Find an old photo and draw or paint your version of it.
  • Write and mail thank you letters to teachers.
  • Draw a map of your home with activities that can be done in each room.
    Draw a map of your home
  • Make three different paper airplanes and test how far they fly.
  • Learn and tell a joke or riddle.
  • Write a poem for someone.
  • Reenact your favorite movie.
  • Record a stop-motion movie with objects in your house.
  • Rewrite the ending to your favorite movie.
  • Write a new episode for your favorite show.
  • Stay up late and stargaze.
  • Create and use a secret code or language.
  • Build a fort out of blankets, pillows, and chairs. Camp in it while you tell stories.
    Build a fort out of blankets
  • Learn Morse code and use it to communicate with your family.
  • Guess how much everyday objects weigh and test if you’re right.
  • Set up a treasure hunt.
  • Go on a virtual tour of different parts of the world.
  • Bake together.
    Bake together
  • Watch animals at the zoo with livestreaming.
  • Build a Lego world.
  • Play dress-up.
    Play dress-up
  • Learn how to juggle.
  • Learn, practice, and perform a magic trick.
  • Play hacky sack.
  • Write letters to your future self.
  • Learn an instrument.
  • Make your own calendar with family pictures.
  • Play hide-and-seek.
  • Make play-dough sculptures and have an art show.

Each of these activities can be modified to include your family’s interests: Playing dress-up can have a wacky-tacky theme or creating and flying paper airplanes can turn into a competition. Open your imagination and have fun.

We hope this difficult time will soon be a memory. But until then, we can use these days to spend quality time with family.