7 Fun Ideas for Staying in Shape with the Kids

June 8, 2020

Our homes are more than a place of comfort. They’re now where many of us work, go to school, and work out. With large social gatherings—like sports—on hold, family life has changed. But being stuck at home doesn’t mean that staying active must stop. Here are some ideas for encouraging healthy physical and mental behaviors at home:

1. Try fun activities
It’s easier to exercise when it doesn’t feel like a workout. Have a freeze dance party where you stop the music at random and require everyone to freeze in place. Play hot potato with items like water bottles to add weight. Try out different activities until you’ve found a couple you can enjoy as a family.

2. Sweat it out
Watch a free video on YouTube or download a mobile application with kid-friendly workouts. There are endless options online that encourage fun exercises for the whole family. Try 15-minute workouts and challenge your family to finish them together. You can also use Instagram’s useful hashtag feature to find free workouts — try #KidWorkouts or #KidsFitness.

3. Build an obstacle course
Encourage stretching and less technology with fun activities around the house. Connect colored string laces to create “lasers” and challenge everyone to go over or under to escape a room. Or you can use household items like tape to create a maze on the floor.

4. Get creative
Act out a story as you read it out loud or use pillows and quilts to create a safe area to jump and exercise. You can create friendly competition by encouraging your family to count their steps and compete for the most in a day.

5. Make chores fun
Why not combine necessary chores with your family’s physical health? The whole family can have fun doing laundry, dusting, and sweeping if you make it fun. Have a scavenger hunt where the list is created from items that need be stored away or cleaned. Or play games like ‘go fish’ with a basket full of socks.

6. Drink a lot of water
We all know the importance of staying hydrated. While home, you can manage your family’s water intake and help them stay healthy. Find a fun cup to serve it, or create a healthy habit by drinking water during and after fun activities.

7. Find mental peace
It’s also a great idea to add activities like yoga and meditation to the day, as both can improve your family’s mental and physical health. Practicing these activities allows the family to become aware of their surroundings and their bodies. Make activities like yoga playful by adding games like “Yogi Says” to the mix. In the game, one person is selected as the Yogi and the other players do yoga poses when the Yogi starts with “Yogi says.” If the Yogi doesn’t use “Yogi says,” then players don’t do the pose.

Staying active can help your loved ones manage the stress and anxiety of being home all day. Plus, it helps us lead a healthy life and keep our bodies and minds strong and growing. For more health resources, visit VividaHealth.com.